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About us

The ATLANTIS SOFTWARE takes action on research and development of software applications using modern IT technologies. It is a new, fresh partnership in the field of Information Technology which was founded by executives that stand out for their expertise and experience.

The company’s mission is to develop and offer to the global market complete and technologically perfect software solutions. We commit ourselves to the continuous progress, development and support of our services and products so that they meet the market’s needs.

Experience & responsibility

The broad experience, the participation in major projects, the monitoring of the market development, the willingness to understand the customer’s needs and the desire to provide solutions are the main characteristics of ATLANTIS SOFTWARE’s human resources..

Prominent executives with many years of experience in the IT field, drive for creation, responsibility and new ideas.

Our values

Our values constitute our strategy for achieving our goals:

  • Development and offer of reliable and flexible software applications
  • Consistency and creation of long-lasting relationships of trust and collaboration with our clients and partners
  • Innovation in the production of unique software applications

Our vision is to conquer the markets we address to, through constant progress and development of our business activities.

Have you got an idea?

Have you got an idea for developing an application or a web site? Let’s make it happen!

Start your project with us

In ATLANTIS SOFTWARE we believe that a good product starts with a good idea. If you need a reliable company, capable of carrying through with your idea, then the ATLANTIS SOFTWARE is here. Our extensive experience in large web sites and the difficulties we have faced and managed to overcome with our techniques and skills give you a lead!

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